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SATURDAY:: November 2nd - 12th Annual Murder Ballads Bash!

Doors @ 8:00pm // Show @ 9:00pm //  $6 in advance (purchase) and $8-12 sliding scale day of show // 21+ // ADA Accessible

On Dia De Los Muertos the strains of murder, misery, death, and despair fill the air at the 12th ANNUAL STARRY PLOUGH MURDER BALLADS BASH. As unfortunate as it is, murder is a human tradition and, God knows, songs have been written about it almost as long as it's been committed. Put on your best bones (or anything else you'd like to scare us with) and come hear these great local acts put their spin on an American favorite, the murder ballad.

LORETTA LYNCH - A bay area favorite, these gals will bring you little tear in your beer, a little knife in your back, a little bit front porch, a little bit backwoods.

THE UNREAL BAND – The Eastbay's longest running psychedelic band, these Starry Plough stalwarts will arrive in some physical form to alter your peaceful reality.

HEARTACHE SISTERS - The excitable younger sibling of Laura Benitez and the Heartache that was built streamlined for the road. Joined by Michele Kappel-Stone, this duo sprang from the magic created by the 5-piece electric Americana band to showcase their close female harmonies and let songwriting shine through unadorned. Passionate (yet deadly) takes on Country, Early Rock and Roll, and Folk-Pop.

THE PHANTOM LIMBS- Not to be confused with a defunct punk rock band, Amy Zing, Aislinn Harvey, and Eric Saxby hail from Oakland and are actually very nice people who hardly ever enact their elaborate plans of revenge. 

CHONK AND THE GHOSTFIDDLER - Gritty and infectious, Chonk & the Ghostfiddler create an experimental yet accessible- hell, even enjoyable soundscape, ranging from footstompin' country blues, to bootyshaking soul funk, to mindbending folk tunes. They will be showing their evil side.

MIKE GLENDINNING – Named Best Local Musician in this year's Eastbay Express readers poll, Mike is one of a kind, a guitarist whose anger and sense of beauty run close to the surface, exploding from amplifiers or CDs a unique, edgy, fluid style he calls grunge jazz. It's outsider music finding its roots in two distinct zones: the intuitive, soulful poetry of jazz improv, and the edgy, dirty attitude of a metal guitar survivor flipping off the universe.

THE ALEGRE SISTERS- A real life ukulele playing, harmony singing sister band. They'll knock you dead.

POPE PAUL POT – Since the release of his EP, “Plastic TV Land on Acid”, in 1981 and numerous DIY music releases to KALX in the early 1980s, Pope Paul Pot has been playing music in a number of bands: Gail & the Fudgepackers, Don't Mind Us (nobody did), Poor Impulse Control, and the Happy Clams .

ROCKZILLA- "It's kind of like my version of know, heavy rhythm rock and roll and features songs I've always wanted to do which lay down that Chuck Berry meets Dave Edmunds groove as well as a few originals combined with some of my major influences like Peter Green." - Harlan Hollander

MUGG MUGGLES - Mugg Muggles has been delighting Bay Area audiences on street corners, in sundry bars and dives, as well as radio and television for over 3 decades with his eclectic repertoire, irreverent demeanor and mellifluous bass/baritone. Simply accompanied by his pulsing acoustic guitar (or 1 stringed Gutbucket Bass) and awesome homemade kazoo, Mugg evokes distant eras of Prohibition Speakeasies, Minstrel Shows, Juke Joints, House Rent Parties, Barn Dances and Sock Hops.

FLAMING TELEPATHS! - Due to a cancellation, this thinking man's Blue Oyster Cult jam band has stepped up to round out the bill. 

MC'd by Crissy King