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WEDNESDAYS:: November 6th - Berkeley Slam featuring Marc Marcel

8:00pm // $7 // 21+ // ADA Accessible  Cash prizes every week!

Tonight's featured act: Marc Marcel

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, and diagnosed with Dyslexia at the age of 10, it is safe to say Marc has far exceeded the boundaries brought on by his early disability. He has traveled the world, performing in 5 Countries and over 150 American Cities, published 5 books, produced 17 Spoken Word CDs, performed and/or held workshops for over 50 Colleges and Universities, (Harvard, Yale, Morehouse and the University of Florida, etc.), made 5 National Television appearances, (BETJ Lyrics Café, No Reservations, etc.), performed in front of 12,000 people for Scion Night at Knots Scary Farm, and has graced legendary stages such as the Smithsonian in Washington DC for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Peace Ball for President Obama.

Through his performances and lectures Marcel captures the emotions and feelings of several subjects, everyday struggles of life, politics, love, spirituality, self-revelations and higher-consciousness. Inspiring, candid, raw, clever, thought-provoking and entertaining are just a few descriptions of his presentations.

Working just as hard off of the stage as he does on it, throughout his career, Marc has written thousands of unreleased poems, produced hundreds of underground tracks, as well as several unreleased novels. Marcel lives as if his next second is the most important moment he has, and his devotion to his art is reflected in his great body of work. He is Spoken Word, at its rawest, highest level of performance! 

Slammaster: Betsy Gomez. Hosted by: Sam Sax, Tim "Toaster" Henderson, Sevan, and Dre with music from either Three Blind Mice Improv Jazz Band or DJ Freeze.

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