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FRIDAY:: August 29th - Creature Baby, Minute and Frontiers

Creature Baby (11:15pm)
Creature Baby is an indie rock band from Oakland California. They play oceanwave glitter grunge with a hint of progressive that will take you on revelatory cerebral and emotional journeys. 

Minute (10:00pm)
Psych-rock from the heart of Oakland. Formed in early 2012, Minute has played grungy parties, swanky nightclubs, and everywhere in between. Balancing electronic atmospherics, punk rock energy, shoegaze sensibilities, and thoughtful lyricism, Minute delivers a "sweaty good time" that will leave your head spinning.

Fronteirs (9:00pm)
Frontiers is the soundscape embedded in blades of grass, lucid dreams, and the sky above. Symphonic rock that draws on the past but looks ahead to the future, with an experimental edge and Western flair.