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Sept. 26th: The Gregors + The Shoved Aside + Pleasure Routine

The Gregors
A four-piece rock and roll/pop band based out of Oakland whose collective love for 60s pop and garage rock music form their sound.

The Shoved Aside
Featuring members of the legendary Paisley Underground band, The Rain Parade. The Shoved Aside arose from the ashes of the band boatclub, a currentside project for members Mark Hanley, Stephan Junca, Matt Piucci and John Thoman.

The Pleasure Routine
Just recorded with producers Greg Ashley (The Gris Gris) and Ricky Maymi (The Brian Jonestown Massacre). The sound of the band is a clash of Natural Guitar tones and emotional vocals with a strong rhythm foundation that can only come from unique Rhythm section.