Sunday, March 1: Westlake Jazz All-Stars + Ironica + Dead Girls Candy + Pretty in Punk + OSA Jazz Combo

A Benefit for the Oakland School of the Arts Music Program featuring student performances of rock, jazz, pop and more!

Westlake Jazz All-Stars 6:25pm-6:50pm

This accomplished group of young men all found their bliss in the music room at Westlake Middle School, with music director, Randy Porter. Anthony Mills-Branch (now a mentor at Oaktown Jazz Workshop), Ari Carpenter, Mikhi Woodley and Caleb Sankoh (OSA and also known as the Oakland Future Trio), Ben Green and Elmer Hernandez (now at Tech), Gus Hurteau (OSA), and Taijee Shavers - the lone current Westlake student. They will bring down the house!

Ironica 5:50pm-6:20pm

IRONICA is the Oakland School for the Arts' Elective Rock Band, featuring high school musicians and vocalists. This is their debut public performance!

Dead Girls Candy 5:15pm-5:45pm

Lyla Neely, Jayne Lyell and Lilly Stevenson playing ukeleles and harmonizing on vocals.

Pretty in Punk 4:40pm-5:10pm

Lyla Neely (vocals, guitar, bass), Kevin Xu (guitar, bass) and Gus Hurteau (drums) have been playing together for two years. Pretty in Punk is alternative rock with a punk edge.

OSA Jazz Combo 4:00-4:30

OSA's High School Intermediate Jazz Band, featuring Deron Cameron, Matthew Duldulao, Joey Hansen, Gema Pelcastre, Tea Sherman-Kennedy, Eli Streich, Caleb Sankoh and Gus Hurteau


Music Starts at 4pm