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Saturday, June 13: Surplus 1980 + Baus + Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion

Old school post punk

Surplus 1980 11:15pm-12:30pm

Surplus 1980 is a San Francisco Bay Area-based post-punk band founded in 2009 by former Sleepytime Gorilla Museum multi-instrumentalist Moe! Staiano.

As alluded to in its name, Surplus 1980's music takes cues from the angular bands of the 1980s such as Dog Faced Hermans and Diagram Brothers and fuses it with the heavy, fierce attack pioneered by The Ex and The Fall to create their own blend of modern no-wave angst. Combined with Staiano-s playful lyrics, Surplus 1980's music is a thick slab of out-jazz, with more than a dash of punk ferocity.


Baus 10:00pm-11:00pm

We (BAUS) have been told that we don't really fit into one genre that can give us enough justice, but our influences are clear. We're a rock band that grew up listening to Prince and James Brown. Our rebellious nature, though, has pushed us to take the conventions of our funk and soul influences to a nonconventional style of writing music.

Akin to the no wave movement that happened in New York during the 80's, we thrive off of syncopation and merging different time signatures to create a well-rounded song that everyone can move to. No pedals, no reverb, no smoke or mirrors, just a straight-up live performance that intrigues and starves the audience.

With a drumming style that sounds like a kit tumbling down a hillside, guitar stylings that scratch and howl, and bass lines that conjure movement from the bottom end of the audience: Baus gives a glimpse into a particular brain's interpretation of a life coming of age in the 2010's.

Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion 9:00pm-9:45pm

Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion is the duo of Boris Freyman and Sarah Lockhart. No Wave-inspired, post-industrial, art-damaged, and generally damaged. Huddling under the noise umbrella, some of STFE's material is songs with words. STFE has been compared by relatively undiscerning listeners to the Residents and Sonic Youth

$8-$12 Sliding Scale

Music Starts at 9pm