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Friday, June 5: Ariel Wang (CD Release Party)

An eclectic brew of fiddles, banjos, sadness, longing and psychedelia

Ariel Wang (CD Release Party) 11:30pm-12:30pm
An eclectic musician, Ariel Wang’s songs will bring you to the Appalachians and then throw you into a psychedelic trance. Her music speaks of sadness and longing, love made and grown, tigers who come to play, and an ever longing to break any and all boundaries conceived. Whether on the guitar or fiddle, banjo or foot-tapping, her tunes are refreshing yet timeless. Sometimes she takes the stage with just her mandolin buddy Terrell Liedstrand, other times with a full band, but you can be sure she’s always got some surprise collaborators popping in.

La Dee Da 10:15pm-11:15pm
La Dee Da is what happens when you put musicians with jazz, rock, classical, metal and Brazilian roots in the same room with an artsy singer-songwriter. Give them a piano, cello, flute, bass and drums and let them create a soundtrack to your dreams that flurries between realms like a dragonfly through jungle, desert and rainforest. And also this dragonfly tells some good jokes.

Cougar on a Meth Binge 9:15pm-10:00pm
If you’re looking for mellow folk music with a finger-plucking banjo and the soft voice of a female lead singer, then you have scored with Cougar on a Meth Binge. Lauren Alegre’s vocals somehow mesh perfectly with the prominent banjo, almost sounding like a sixth string at times. Just listen – it isn’t a style you’ll hear with your typical folk band.

Terrell Liedstrand (Forrest Day) 8:30pm-9:00pm
The long-time guitarist for Forrest Day with a background in Old-Time, Terrell Liedstrand is a versatile musician who can dish out ditties on the banjo, soulful songs on the guitar, and Bach on the mandolin. Let him serenade you at sunset as the sunlight fades, the stars appear, and you find yourself wandering into mystical lands.

$8-$12 Sliding Scale

Music Starts at 8:30pm